Thursday, December 31, 2009

We Are Quiet Now

We Are Quiet Now, 2006

It seems fitting on this last day of the year to go out with something calm.

It’s been a tough year for a lot of people. It’s been a loud year, too, with a lot of hateful shouting and discord. Like that glob of goo in the Ghostbusters movies, the culture seems to have fed more off the worst of our nature rather than the better.

But I'm an optimist, so I saw good riddance to all that! If we can’t look up, what’s the use of looking?

I took We Are Quiet Now several years ago after a busy Thanksgiving holiday. Before the first guest had arrived for dinner, there’d been bad weather, high waters and fallen trees.

Dinner was wonderful. We hated to see our guests leave. But it was a lot of people and a lot of confusion in a short period of time. After the last overnight guest departed, I looked out the window and noticed this quiet moment.

Whether your New Year's Eve is boisterous or quiet, I wish you a very happy and healthy (and prosperous, why not?) new year!


  1. Same to you, Chris. Beautiful photo.

  2. Right back atcha, Chris--I wish you some calm amidst all you have going on right now. Your blog is a treasure. And this photo is so serene. Happiest of New Years to you!

  3. ps
    My word verification just now was very aptly:

  4. Best to you in the new year, Chris. To quote a friend: I'm glad you're in my life (too).

  5. I will not only wish for 2010 to be better than 2009, I will work hard to make it that way.

    Calm is good - but not if it leads to complacency.

  6. What a perfect post and photo, Chris. I am so longing for a better year, on all fronts, public and private. I feel blessed , though, to have gone through another year, enriched by your steadfast friendship. May your 2010 be full of joy.