Thursday, September 16, 2010

The More You Learn, The More You Learn How Much More There is to Learn

At the Beach 2010

Now that I’m far enough into life to genuinely appreciate that I might have passed the halfway point, I’m learning all sorts of life lessons I wish I’d learned earlier.

Like paying attention in school. I paid attention and did well in the classes that interested me, and I’m always amazed when little tidbits of knowledge from the classes I didn’t think I was paying much attention to—especially the sciences—come tumbling back out of my mouth. But I sure wish I’d been more diligent in math and chemistry. I was the kid who complained, “How will I ever use those statistics in real life?” Well, it turns out I do use those statistics in real life, and it sure was frustrating to have to go back and learn them as an adult after several dedicated teachers had tried to imprint them in my mind when I was younger.

I’d have also taken more classes in things I didn’t think I was interested in. I went to college just as schools were throwing out required curriculums. Only my college was a decade or so behind on that trend. So I didn’t get much choice. Now I wish I could go back and make a career of going to college. There are so many interesting things to study.

If I had… Was there ever a more plaintive cry than “If I had…?” If I’d done this, my life would have been very different. Not that the one I have is bad. It isn’t. But it’s the result of having recognized and made very few choices when I was younger, and some of them not all that intelligently. Let’s just say I’m walking evidence that life throws a lot of good luck in your direction if you’re willing to catch it and work hard.

I mention all this because I finally finished the first official version of the At the Beach 2010 pdf “book.” (It’s probably better described as an “essay.” If it were music, it’d probably be called an etude.) It seemed like such a simple idea when I started it. After all, there’s not all that much to it. Anyone who’s ever taken Graphic Design 101 is already leagues ahead of me so far as layout and design are concerned. This is one of those times when I’ve learned that I’ve just scratched the surface enough to realize that there is a whole lot more I need to learn if I’m going to do this well.

Just one more thing to add to the “to do” list.

In the meantime, if you’d like a copy of At The Beach 2010, send your e-mail address to me at the address below and I’ll be happy to send you a copy. (Remember, it’s not really a “book.” It’s an electronic file, readable on most any computer by just clicking on it.)

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  1. Ah yes, if I only knew then what I do now.....I still haven't seen a need for Algebra but I could become a professional college student at the drop of a hat.