Friday, September 21, 2012

Respect the Ink

I got these in prison,” 2012
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In my limited experience trying to become better at photographing people, I’ve learned that the easiest people to photograph are people with tattoos. Really, they’re the photographic version of shooting fish in a barrel,
People with lots of tattoos may look mean. But relatively speaking they're easy  to approach. They’re not reticent. They want to make a statement. They’re flattered if you ask to photograph them and will go out of their way to show you their best sides.
Case in point: When I approached the young man shown above all I could see was the trail of tattoos down his arm. Before I even got close I'd already worked out the framing of the arm and the t-shirt. When I asked if I could photograph him, though, he immediately pulled the t-shirt off so that I could see the full inked tableau.
“I got these in prison,” he proclaimed proudly.
I didn’t get the story of his friend, below. He was just pissed that I hadn’t asked to photograph him first. So you can be sure I didn’t miss him before I moved on. I didn’t even have to ask. He just thrust his hands out and turned them over for me to see.
Good as a Dollar Bill, 2012


  1. Haaa--isn't that funny. They really are a badge of pride, aren't they! Great shots. I love that he just out and admitted he got those in prison.

  2. did he, or didn't he? who knows!
    But he's proud !

  3. Aren't day proud? Yes they are. Tattoos are also a form of art. They do have the right to boast. Its a painful and hard process just to be able to make that masterpiece.
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