Friday, June 5, 2009


Central Park Bikeway, 2004

Overheard while walking through Central Park, runners, bikers, skaters and other people zoomin' past me:  

“Should we invite him into the deal? You know, he’s not one of our guys.”   

“I dunno. Sure caught me by surprise. She e-mailed me when she got back to town, asking if I wanted to meet for coffee.”   

“Go out with him again? Hah! He’s so yesterday. I dated him back when I stopped smoking.”

“I didn’t know Merrill Lynch had much of a mortgage department. It’s not very good, but it’s got some good guys.”

“Like I really care what Donna Karan thinks.”

“I can’t believe I stayed in Prague so long. How could I have ever left you for even a minute?”

"I used to go out with him. Can you believe it? The PIG!”


  1. Too funny--it is so fun to hear snippets of conversation sometimes, isn't it! I love that photo--such beautiful lighting in it. Photos like this really do make me miss NY. You've made me very nostalgic with that.

  2. I meant to also comment on the header--I love it! and your new profile photo, too! Great blog, Chris--a fun read.

  3. I love people watching and people listening.