Monday, January 18, 2010

All The Ways The Light Comes In

All The Ways The Light Comes In, 2007

In the spring of 2007 I’d been going through one of those periodic creative droughts where I'd been so distracted by work and other things that I didn’t “see” things I wanted to photograph as naturally as I do at other times.

Then, one morning I was standing at the sink shaving and it was as if a veil was lifted. I started noticing all the ways the light was coming into the room. There were little points of light, intriguing silhouettes, and shimmering shadows all over the place. I grabbed the camera and, before I knew it, had taken forty pictures. It wasn’t exactly a creative breakthrough. But I felt better immediately. (And by the end of the day my wife had just about forgiven me for leaving dabs of shaving cream all over the bathroom and bedroom. Not everyone understands that this photography's a messy business.)


  1. Haaaa! I'm sure it is. I think that was one of my favorites of your series--they were all beautiful images.

  2. This is great. Nice image and cool presentation.

  3. Yes, I remember that series. It was/is very refreshing.