Friday, March 5, 2010

Not My Usual Angle

Villard Houses Lamp, 2010

No big story here today. Just a little moment about one of the perennial photographic challenges; namely, how to do something fresh with a subject you’ve photographed many times before.

I’ve mentioned before here my affection for the Villard Houses in New York. I always try to get by the Villard Houses when I’m in New York. On last weekend’s trip there was the added benefit of snow to give me something different to work with.

I had just a little while to walk up Madison Avenue, take my pictures and walk back to the hotel to rejoin my family. The sun was almost gone when I got there. The snow was piled up in the courtyard, leaving only paths between the street, the hotel in the back and the two side wings. So there wasn’t much room to move around and look for new horizontal angles.

So I looked up, realizing that I’d never paid much attention to the Villard Houses’ exterior lamps.

Now I have, and in doing so have discovered a new perspective.


  1. Aren't those lamps fabulous! That is one gorgeous photo! Really wonderful--you're really right about looking up. The light here is stunning.

  2. well done ( and seen)
    pieter ( holland)