Monday, March 29, 2010

A Study in Brown

A Study in Brown, 2010

My father used to refer to people who were moody or depressed as “a study in brown.” Dad was an upbeat kind of guy with a generally positive outlook, even if he didn’t know what the future held.

During my brief trip to Atlanta last week I stayed in a grand old apartment building that has been remodeled into a purportedly posh Midtown hotel. I say “purportedly” because although great attention went into the architectural renovation of this landmark building and the décor of its lobby and restaurant, the hallways and guest rooms were decidedly dull.

I booked my room on one of those Internet hotel sites that promises great discounts. I wouldn't have been surprised, therefore, if I'd ended up with a teensy room between an elevator and an ice machine, one of those rooms so small that you can stand in one place and do most everything you need to do. So I was surprised when my very reasonable rate bought me a spacious and comfortable former two-bedroom apartment. But as the photograph above shows, it must have been decorated by “a study in brown.”


  1. I love your dad's use of that phrase--I'll have to remember that. It speaks volumes. And that photo looks all too familiar. Great light you captured here.

  2. very evocative photo...
    the light is great!