Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Domestic Affairs

Christmas, 2003

While I’m out playing in the dirt in the yard, my wife tends to the interior décor. She’s quite inspired at this and used to put together wonderful displays at an antique shop where she worked. She doesn’t move the furniture around a home as much as she used to. But it’s still a surprise sometimes to come upon a new arrangement of things here and there.

The one consistent site of her handiwork is a table in the foyer. These little vignettes tend to change monthly or at least seasonally and are always a joy to come upon when you’re in need of a little color, whimsy and a creative jolt.

A few years ago I made a book of these arrangements for my wife for Christmas. The shots included here came from that book.

Fall Tableau, 2003

Fall Tableau, 2003

Fall Tableau, 2004

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  1. These are lovely. I'll bet the book is very classy as well.